Property Damage Defense Litigation

There Is No Single "Right" Way To Defend A Property Damage Case

However, the common denominator in the successful defense of every property damage action is to build an early tenacious legal and factual defense by gathering information and evidence and developing a superior understanding of the facts as well as the applicable codes, standards, common law and statutory law.  At SMB Law, our defense is always multilayered and tailored to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients and carriers.  In property damage claims, we see what others do not and understand what others cannot.   

Specifically, our combined experience allows our attorneys to leverage case specific experts to understand the mechanics of a loss and to ensure that all evidence is considered, examined and preserved. During pre-suit investigations, we leverage our relationships and experience to select the most qualified experts in order to ensure preservation of crucial evidence and to conduct effective cause and origin investigations.  On the legal end, we meticulously review all the relevant agreements and records to assess exposure and to capitalize on favorable terms and evidence that may provide our clients with dispositive defenses.  SMB Law has a robust knowledge of legal precedent and utilizes various procedural tools for expedited, positive client outcomes.  Our attorneys strive to obtain dismissals of actions at the earliest opportunity.  If a legal dismissal cannot be obtained prior to discovery, we work with our clients, carriers and experts to zealously devise both legal and factual defenses to claims and, whenever possible, intensely pursue risk transfer opportunities against other potential parties.  Additionally, we methodically review every claim file in order to evaluate the alleged damages and allegations against our clients. 

We have a deep understanding of the various processes involved in construction, as well as the ownership, management and maintenance of real property in all its forms.  No matter whether a loss involves support of excavation work in Brooklyn, a fire, flood or gas leak in a high-rise condominium building in Manhattan, or a water trespass matter in Southampton, SMB Law’s attorneys are well-qualified to provide its clients with an exceptional defense.  SMB Law’s attorneys routinely, efficiently and effectively litigate lawsuits against their clients in both State and Federal Courts.  Our attorneys’ 37 years of combined litigation experience underpins our practice.   We are a results-driven firm.  Simply put, SMB Law has the experience and competency to ensure that our clients’ interests are always paramount and that optimal results under existing circumstances are always achieved.

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